What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Write About?


My Self just said to separate from the kids so you can just start. And so here I am writing down what the voice is telling me to. Your probably thinking “oh boy, he’s lost it” On the contrary, I’ve actually found it, and I am listing, trying to let it take form and reveal itself, so it can contribute back to the eternity.

Today I fininshed reading a recommended resource from Miles Beckler titled “The War Of Art” (affiliate link) by Steven Pressfield. In it, the author speaks about the power of Resistance and how who we are at the core, our Self, is in constant battle with Resistance and its many forms of pursuasion. Briefly what this means is any time your inner artist, entrepreneur, inner voice tries to make itself heard, Resistance shows up and tries to silence it and stop it from comming into existence.


Example:   After a busy day of keeping 4 kids fed, entertained and unsuccessfully constrained from fighting with each other, the last thing I felt like doing was writing a blog post. However, creating content is what is required to have a presence in online marketing.


So I listened to my inner voice (Self) and separated from the noise of the kids (Resistance) came upstairs to the bedroom and just started writing this post in order to share with you this enlightening book.

These reflections could go on and on but the purpose was to share this book so if you feel that you are struggling to be creative, fearful of success, too tired to do the work or maybe don’t know what to write about, then please give this book a read or listen and put Resistance in the corner for a while.

Thank you for reading,

– Charles


Here is the video I watched with the recommendation for the book.



Have you ever wondered what a sales consulting call is or sounds like? 

In this video we see Dan Lok, the king of High Ticket Sales, is on the phone with a client and about to close the deal for a 2 hour consulting session with Dan of which the cost is 10k! That’s 5k an hour!


Suggested Reading:

How To Write A Good Advertisement by Victor O. Schwab: (affiliate link)



In this video, Miles talks about marketing funnels and the free plus shipping offer. He also shares a look at one of his personal marketing funnels along with some other examples from successful funnel marketers.

Miles Beckler is revolutionizing the online marketing industry with his approach to free content. If you have yet to see what he has to offer, you can find him on youtube here and you can find his free course here.  (no this is not an affiliate offer, its all free!)

DO NOT pay another dime to some expensive course because you don’t need it!

Go Get the free course from Miles and start implementing, remember, success doesn’t happen from doing nothing, TAKE ACTION.



Is it possible to be scared of success?

In this video Dan Lok Explains how you can be and the reason will probably surprise you like it did me.


You can check out the latest pricing on Amazon for Dan Lok’s Best Selling Book at  – (associates)


If you’ve never heard of Miles Beckler … now you have. Miles is one of the best when it comes to actual live examples, showing the “how to” of Internet Marketing.



This was a recent post over on my parenting blog that I wanted to share with all of you. Its not every day that you see someone shave their head! There’s also a brief cameo from my daughter, she was super curious. Enjoy and take care!

Do you cut your hair short when the weather gets warmer?

Since I became a stay at home dad, I have been growing my hair and beard, with little cut backs here and there, for over a year now.

It’s been a liberating feeling not having to care about my appearance for a job.

A little over a month ago my best friend invited me out to go get a hair cut with him at his favorite place.

Now even before I left the corporate life, it had been a long time since I had a professional hair cut.

When it came time for me to cut my hair i would do it myself with my own pair of clippers and scissors.

Usually I would just buzz it all off cause having no hair requires the least maintenance and being able to get up and go was convenient for the fast paced career that I had.

Time for a change

In a couple days my wife and i are headed to maui for our 40th birthdays, without the kids! Now since i dont do well with warm weather and hair i felt this was the time to get rid of my hair.

So I thought Id share the shave since its been awhile since ive been seen without hair, hope you enjoy the video, i had fun sharing.



So do you cut your hair when the weather gets warmer?

Feel free to comment below.

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